Mercedes Raygoza

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Sales Associate

Mercedes likes going to different beaches with her kids and hiking (especially if surrounded by nice scenery). She also enjoys reading different genres and different authors.

Mercedes was born and raised in San Francisco, attended Immaculate Conception Academy in San Francisco (an all girl’s catholic high school), and in 2005, she made Vacaville her home.

Mercedes has 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, all who were raised by their father. Her eldest sister still lives in SF, 2 brothers live in Vacaville, her father lives in Penn Valley, and her youngest sister lives in Petaluma. Family is very important to Mercedes and it is great to have everyone relatively close by.

What Mercedes misses most about her hometown is the beach and the fog in SF, “I also REALLY miss the cool weather.” She still lives in Vacaville and doesn’t know where she would move to if she could live anywhere; somewhere with seasons and cool/mild temps but not too cold and not too hot.

Mercedes stated about working at The Hot Tub Store, “I love working with people that truly and honestly want you to succeed and care about their customers. Everyone who works here, really does work for the customers…I like the family environment, the mutual respect, the team, the camaraderie.”

Although Mercedes is relatively new to The Hot Tub Store sales team, she has been a part of The Hot Tub Store family since 2008. “I bought my Sovereign in ’08 from Jim and Maureen. We bought the hot tub because my husband needed it for medical reasons. We use it year round, my kids love it. We turn down the temp in summer months and hang out. I use it whenever my body hurts (especially my back) or when I want to hang out with my kids. I love my Hot Spring spa!”

Mercedes has a truly positive spirit. “I am looking forward to the upcoming year because I have recently made a lot of big life changes. I’m excited to start fresh… I hope to succeed at work, make friends, and embrace the changes I have made in my life. I look forward to the unknown and what the future brings.”

Mercedes has been enjoying her hot tub for more than 8 years and she can help you find the right hot tub for you and your family to enjoy as well.