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Giving Back to the Communities We Serve

The Hot Tub Store serves a large area of Northern California and continues to support the communities where our valued customers and team members live. We are part of the community and aim to give back when we can. Our families and friends have been affected by the pandemic with loss of jobs and businesses. We have been able to donate to the food banks in all the counties where we have showrooms. We have been affected by several wildfires over the last few years and have been able to donate to several deserving organizations helping those most affected by these recent disasters. The Hot Tub Store collects hundreds of books and toys each year for Toys for Tots. We are a part of the greater community and we aim to help improve the lives of the people where we live.

UPDATE: Winter 2021

Happy Giving Season!  The Hot Tub Store has been providing wellness and better living for 49 Years As a locally owned and operated company going into our 49th year in business in Northern California, it is important to us to help improve the lives of the people in our community. We thank you for your support. The hot tub and swim spa products that we sell provide multiple wellness benefits for the people who use them. We encourage our customers to use their spas daily to connect with family, relieve stress, increase blood circulation, relax muscles, think more clearly, sleep better, and live better. We truly believe the world would be better if everyone had a hot tub and we are helping to improve our world one hot tub at a time. Making the Holidays More Joyful for Children with Toys For Tots Extremely important to our company and our entire team is our giving back to the communities we live in. Each holiday season we provide discounts to our customers when they bring toys and books for our Toys For Tots toy and book drive. We are extremely grateful to our amazing customers who during the 2021 holiday season helped us collect almost 1,000 toys and books that helped make Christmas much more joyful for many children less fortunate. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Helping the People of Our Communities Eat Healthy Food Our company is all about wellness and living well. We know that there are many families who struggle to put food on the table and as we have been doing annually, we again have donated $50,000 to local food banks. This is a gift of $10,000 to each of five local food banks in the counties where we have Hot Tub Store showrooms. Thank you for your support and your referrals. You and your friends who support our business are helping us to be able to give to our community members in need. Our Team Cares Rather than have our leadership team decide who to support, we asked all of our amazing team members who they would like to donate to this year. The Hot Tub Store gifted $500 for each of our team members to the organization they each chose. Some of the causes our team members chose for us to support this year include animal shelters, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, breast cancer research, heart disease research, forest and environment protection, parks and trails organizations, family and children programs, among others. We are proud to have donated $20,000 on behalf of our team to the valuable non profit organizations chosen by our team members. Our Customers Are Amazing! It is you, our amazing customers, who have helped to support our business and our team to improve our world one hot tub at a time. We know that you care about the community where you live and we are proud to be a local company that gives back to the community that supports us. Thank you for supporting our team. Thank you for spreading the word about how wonderful hot tubbing is. Thank you for helping us improve people’s lives. With joy and gratitude, Happy Holidays to you and yours. The Hot Tub Store Team

UPDATE Winter 2020:

2020 has been an unprecedented year, a year none of us will forget. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us. Some have lost their jobs. Some have lost their businesses. Some have gotten sick with COVID-19 and struggled to recover. Some have sadly lost family members or friends. Some have continued to go to work and have risked their lives every day. Some have been able to work from home. We have all had changes in our lives and have spent much more time at home. Some have struggled to make ends meet and to keep a roof over their head. Some have thrived and moved to more comfortable places. We have all been affected by the pandemic. The Hot Tub Store saw sales fall off a cliff in March. We thought we might close our doors forever…. And then, things changed. People realized they were going to be home more and they decided hot tubs and swim spas would make their home environments nicer. 2020 ended up being an extremely successful year for hot tub and swim spa sales. Supply chain and backlog issues made it difficult to deliver products to people wanting new spas. All the same, our company did have better success than many. We are forever grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to improve people’s home environments. In an effort to do what we know to be best, we always aim to give back to our communities in ways that help those less fortunate. We were able to give $10,000 to each of five food banks, one in each county where we have showrooms. A total of $50,000 was donated to the Redwood Empire Food Bank, Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, Sacramento Food Bank, Placer Food Bank, and the Food Bank of El Dorado County. We also donated $5,000 to the World Central Kitchen in memory of our dearly departed team member Nancy Rogers, who we lost to cancer. Our annual Toys for Tots toy and book drive was extraordinarily successful in 2020 and we were able to collect more than 1000 new toys and books for children of families less fortunate. Our team worked harder than ever in 2020 and we were proud to be able to give generous bonuses to all of our valued employees. It is the people who make our company successful and being able to help support our employees and their families is what drives The Hot Tub Store to continue to be here locally after 48 years in business. We sincerely thank each and every one of our valued customers for their support during this difficult time that was 2020. We know that our products bring our customers more relaxation, health and wellness, enjoyment, family connection, and hydrotherapy now and into the future. Congratulations on choosing to make hot tubbing and aquatic wellness a part of your daily ritual and routine. Thank you for being a part of our giving back to our community. Love Is All There Is.

UPDATE Summer 2020:

As the skies are filled with smoke and there are fires burning all around us, we want to send our virtual support, kindness, and good thoughts to all those who have been evacuated from their homes and affected by these recent fires. We want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the first responders who are out risking their lives to fight these blazes and protect our homes and communities. We want to thank all of the health care workers who have been working tirelessly for months to keep us all safe and healthy. We want to thank all of you for continuing to do your small parts to keep each other safe and well.

For 47 years, we have been the destination in Northern California for people to experience wellness and relaxation. Now, more than ever, the demand for what we built our business on (hot tubs and swim spas) is extraordinarily high.

We’ve always believed in the wellness benefits of the products we offer and service. When used routinely, our hot tubs and swim spas truly can make every day better. Now, more than ever, we are doing everything we can to make sure that our customers have their very own safe haven for relaxation at home.

If you are already one of our valued customers, we thank you for your continued support and your trust in us. If you are thinking about one of our products, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

UPDATE Spring 2020:

It is with a heavy heart that we share the loss of one of our own team members. Nancy Rogers joined The Hot Tub Store team in 2005. What Nancy enjoyed most of all about the hot tub business was helping improve people’s lives.

UPDATE December 2019:

The recent Kincade Fire burned more than 77,000 acres and almost 400 structures. More than 180,000 nearby residents were ordered to evacuate their homes. The entire Sonoma County community has been affected by this and has brought back many painful memories of the fires of October 2017 that burned more than 6000 homes in the Santa Rosa area. The rebuilding of Sonoma County is still only just getting started. In an effort to give back and support the thousands of people affected by these fires, we will be donating a portion of all sales to the Rebuild NorthBay Foundation and the Sonoma County Resilience Fund. With your purchase from The Hot Tub Store, you are helping us to help those in need.

Fire Relief

Our community has suffered great losses from fire again in 2018. The Hot Tub Store was saddened to see so many people affected by this tragic fire. We are proud to have been able to donate $17,648.98 to the Camp Fire Relief Fund set up by Sierra Nevada Brewery. 100% of this donation will go to the people affected by this fire. If you would like to make a donation to help with relief efforts, please visit:

Camp Fire

The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history to date.[8] It was also the deadliest wildfire in the United States since the Cloquet fire in 1918, and among the deadliest wildfires, it was the sixth-deadliest U.S. wildfire overall. Named after Camp Creek Road, its place of origin, the fire started on November 8, 2018, in Butte County, in Northern California. After exhibiting extreme fire behavior, an urban firestorm formed in the densely populated foothill town of Paradise. The fire caused at least 86 civilian fatalities, injured 12 civilians and 5 firefighters, covered an area of 153,336 acres (62,053 ha), and destroyed 18,804 structures, with most of the damage occurring within the first four hours. As of November 19, insured damage was estimated to be $7.5–10 billion. The fire reached 100 percent containment after seventeen days on November 25, 2018. The community of Concow and the town of Paradise were destroyed within the first six hours of the fire, losing an estimated 95 percent of their buildings. The town of Magalia also suffered substantial damage and the community of Pulga suffered some. At least 19,000 buildings were destroyed, most of them homes, but also included five public schools in Paradise, a rest home, churches, a hospital, a large shopping center, and numerous small businesses. October 8, 2018 marks one year since the devastating firestorms swept through Sonoma County destroying more than 6000 homes. The Hot Tub Store was proud to, with the support of our valued customers, be able to contribute $35,854.22 to the Fire Relief Fund in October 2017. We have continued our efforts to help those affected by these devastating fires in 2018. We have so far helped to replace more than 20 hot tubs that were lost in the fires and have reserved 2018 pricing for more than 40 other people who lost all their worldly belongings. We have worked to get all of our valued customers the absolute best price possible to replace their burned hot tub or to add a hot tub to their life. Those who have a hot tub know that life is not the same when you don’t have a hot tub to soak in and we appreciate the urgency and the need to help these people get back into the relaxing hot tubs they were accustomed to. In 2018, we also worked with our team member Justin Borton of our Santa Rosa hot tub store showroom to help sponsor a running event, Sonoma Strong Restoration Challenge, to raise money and awareness for rebuilding damaged trails in the Sonoma County Regional Parks and we donated $2,000.00 to this park restoration project. The Hot Tub Store values this connection with nature at our parks and values the work needed to restore our parks from damages caused by the fires. The parks are a place where everyone can escape the stresses of the fire recovery process and enjoy nature. We see the connection with nature as being important and similar to the relaxing benefits of soaking in your hot tub each day. We really appreciate being able to give back to our community in this way.

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Read more about Community Support:

From October 2017 The Hot Tub Store Community Support for the Northern California Wildfires of 2017 Our hearts go out to all those affected by the devastating fires ravaging our beloved communities. #SonomaStrong #NapaStrong #NorcalStrong #WineCountryStrong #Loveisallthereis The Hot Tub Store, being a local family business based in Sonoma County since 1973, sends love and support to all the people who have been affected by the devastating wildfires that have blazed through Northern California. We are sincerely sorry for all the loss of property and life, and the devastating damage that our area has experienced. This tragic event has brought our community together in ways that we have not seen and we all want to do our part to help those in need and to support those who have worked hard to protect our homes and improve our lives. Fortunately, all of our Northern California based team members, contractors, and vendors are alive and safe. A few have lost their homes including one of our key shareholders. Many of our hot tubber family of customers have lost their homes and many more were evacuated. We are here to support all those affected by the fires. The Hot Tub Store is showing support for those affected by the fires by donating to the Redwood Credit Union North Bay Fire Relief Fund to help those in need after these devastating wildfires that have burned more than 6,000 structures and displaced thousands of people. The Hot Tub Store was proud to be able to contribute $35,854.22 to the Fire Relief Fund. Thank you for helping us in supporting those needing assistance from this devastating event. Love Is All There Is. From your friends at The Hot Tub Store Together, we made a difference!
Update: 2018 Every contribution to the North Bay Fire Relief fund helped and we are proud that The Hot Tub Store with the support of our amazing team and our valued customers was able to donate $35,854.22 in 2017. We donated $2,000 to the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation in 2018 to help rebuild fire ravaged trails. We were able to donate an additional $17,648.98 to the Camp Fire Relief Fund in 2018. Each year, we offer our valued customers deep discounts when they donate toys and books. Our holiday toy and book drive has been extremely successful for many years with 100’s of toys and books donated annually during the holidays for Toys for Tots. Love Is All There Is

Toys For Tots

Each holiday season, The Hot Tub Store is proud to support the Toys For Tots program. We have successfully collected 100’s of toys and books for this program each year. Thank you to our valued customers who have helped us to make our toy & book drive such a huge success! Toys For Tots is a Top-Rated Charity Over 97% of your donations goes to their mission of providing toys, books, and other gifts to less fortunate children. Less than 3% is spent on fundraising and overhead.

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