Nancy Rogers



Nancy Rogers

With great sorrow, we say goodbye to our longtime Hot Tub Store family member, Nancy Rogers. Nancy passed away in April 2020 from cancer. She was a committed and loving part of our lives for over 15 years. She was a generous mentor and trainer, friend and confidant, hot tub ambassador, always thinking about ways to improve our customer care to our customers, and even up to the last week of her life she was thinking about how to make The Hot Tub Store and the customer experience better.

Nancy loved helping people to improve their lives with the addition of a hot tub. She knew that hot tubs provide many health and wellness benefits and she really enjoyed connecting with people to help to improve their living conditions.

She was our top salesperson and MVP for several years helping over 100 families annually to improve their lives with a home hot tub. She managed and worked in both our Roseville and Vacaville locations over the years and was trusted and admired by the people of these communities. Her customers were always happy to see her smile and sometimes get one of her famous hugs. She had an infectious laugh and a huge heart.

We thank Nancy for the many ideas she shared to help improve our business, our team, and our ways of helping our customers. She was always aiming to make the world a better place.

We will miss her forever.