Service FAQ - The Hot Tub Store

Quick Reference Guide

In the event that your hot tub is not functioning perfectly, please check the following before calling for service:

  • Have you cleaned your filters with filter cleaner? Sometimes they look clean, but are still restricting flow.  Having an extra set of filters is often helpful.
  • Does the problem stop when running the spa without filters installed? If so, your filters are probably not as clean as they may look.
  • Jet faces rotate clockwise/counter clockwise to give more or less jet pressure.
  • Have you reset your breakers, or your GFCI plug? This can be the cause of many problems. Turn the breakers all the way off and then back on again. If you have a GFCI plug, try unplugging it, wait a few seconds, and plug it back into the socket.
  • Are your drain caps tightened? You might have more than one.  Are the gaskets still within the drain caps?  Drain plugs often loosen over time.
  • Have you tested your water?  Water chemistry can cause many problems.
  • Has the water been changed lately? Did you fill through the filter stand pipe?
  • Is your water level above all the jets?
  • The jets are controlled with the air levers on the bar top.  Try rotating the levers to different positions to help increase or decrease jet pressure.
  • Is your spa control in Temp Lock or Spa Lock mode?
  • Have you referred to your Owners Manuals?

If after checking all of the listed items and referring to your owners manuals, your spa is still needing assistance, please call us to schedule a service call.  We are here to help you enjoy your hot tub!

Frequent Questions

Your Watkins Wellness brand hot tub (Hot Spring, Hot Spot, Caldera, Fantasy, Endless Pools) comes with a manufacturer’s defect warranty that covers parts and labor for specified periods of time, depending on the collection, model, and part or accessory in question.  The only cost that would be encountered with warranty repairs is a warranty co-pay that helps us recuperate the cost of sending a certified technician to your home. Any parts and labor covered under the manufacturer’s warranty that are utilized to make the repairs will be billed directly to the manufacturer.  Ongoing repairs that cannot be completed in one visit are covered under the initial co-pay. If a new unrelated warranty issue occurs during the warranty period, a co-pay for that visit would be charged to send a technician out again.

At this time, we do not currently offer extended warranty options. Please check back at a later date to see if this is a possibility for your hot tub.

The diversity and complexity of spa equipment means that it is extremely difficult, and at times, unsafe for repairs to be explained by phone.  Investing in having the spa serviced by one of our certified technicians means that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that it was repaired professionally and by an official Watkins Wellness service center.  

We do not install parts purchased from a 3rd party because we cannot verify authenticity and quality.  We aim to provide competitive pricing on our factory-direct parts and certified technician labor. 

To help serve customers throughout Northern California, we schedule our technicians for day-of service, we do not schedule them for a particular time of day. This allows us to plan for their workday to be most efficient and to ensure that all appointments can be handled without cancelations or delays. In most cases, you do not need to be home for your backyard spa to get serviced.

In most cases, you do not need to be home for our technicians to service your spa. As long as there is access to the spa and it is not obstructed by a deck or inaccessible due to unrestrained pets in your backyard, we obtain your permission to enter the property and complete the service.  This allows you to get your spa back in great shape without having to take time out of your busy schedule to be available. Our goal is to get your spa functioning properly without adding extra stress to your life.

As a matter of fact, we offer fantastic Valet water care services for your spa, so you can enjoy fresh, sparkling water without the need for constant water care.  Get your Saturdays back and let our skilled spa professionals help keep your water crystal clear and enjoyable for you and your family. Book a full year to save even more!

At the time of scheduling service, please mention what water care products you would like our technician to deliver and we will be happy to bring them with us!  Annual contract valet customers get an additional 20% off water care products, another great perk to our valet subscriptions.

Our Service scheduling office is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. Please contact The Hot Tub Store’s service scheduling department by calling (800) 801-7727 and selecting the “Service” option from the menu. If calling outside our normal scheduling hours, please leave a message and one of our friendly schedulers will return your call during our scheduling hours or Schedule Service with your contact details and one of our scheduling representatives will contact you as soon as possible. You can also send an email to

We sell genuine parts for Hot Spring, Caldera, Fantasy, and Endless Pools brand spas, and can ship them to you for a small shipping charge.  Returns must be approved before any refund can be issued, excluding electronic components, which cannot be returned. Electronic components come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.