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Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you so much for trusting us with your hot tub and swim spa service needs! We would like to introduce you to our fantastic service team who provide ongoing support of the enjoyment and care of your hot tub or swim spa.

Purchasing a spa from The Hot Tub Store means that you have a great support network to keep your hot tub or swim spa producing a pristine, relaxing experience for you to enjoy every day for years to come.  If for some reason your spa needs service to help it perform its best, our service department is here to help.

Our scheduling team is available Monday through Friday 10:00am to 5:30pm to help get connected with a factory-certified technician that will be able to diagnose and repair your spa, in most cases with only 1 visit!

Whether your spa is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, or has been providing a high-quality experience for years, our friendly service team is ready to jump into action to find the best solutions to any hot tub or swim spa challenge you may have. Below you will find our current service rates. 

Please call (916) 373-9699 and Select “Service” from the phone menu, or send an e-mail to and one of our friendly schedulers will be ready to assist you with your service needs.

Thank you for your business!

From The Hot Tub Store Service Team

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Service Pricing

Service Pricing

 All pricing is subject to change.

*Warranty Co-pay
Tier 1


This co-pay covers trip costs on approved manufacturer warranty service visits. Approved parts and labor are then covered by the manufacturer. Please see limited warranty information for additional information about coverage.

Standard service fee and labor will be charged if the issue is not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Standard Service Fee
Tier 1


Service appointments are scheduled for a specific day. Due to the nature of backyard hot tub repairs and to allow for efficient routing, we do not provide specific arrival times. Customers do not need to be home for service when access to the spa is available.

Service fee is not charged on return visits needed to complete an already diagnosed service within 90 days.
New issues with the spa will be subject to a new service fee.

First Class VIP Service
Extra Fee


This fee in addition to the standard service fee allows for a specific 4 hour window of time for arrival. With this added fee customers can choose to be the first or last call of the day or request a specific technician if available.

*Service Call Minimum Charge | Tier 1


This is the minimum charge for a technician to arrive and determine what work needs to be completed. This includes the Standard Service Fee and up to 30 minutes to diagnose spa and provide detailed information for repair. Some repairs can be completed during this time, but additional labor will apply for repairs in excess of the 30 minute limit.

Labor Rate
All Tiers

Labor is charged at $40 per 15 minutes after the initial 30 minute diagnosis.

The hourly labor rate is $160 billed by the quarter hour.

Tier Addition


Service Tiers are determined by distance/drive time from Hot Tub Store Showroom locations. Each Tier outside Tier 1 is subject to an additional $25 travel surcharge for warranty and non warranty services.  

Our Service Scheduling Team can provide tier charges for your location at the time of appointment scheduling.

*A credit card on file is required to schedule an appointment for service. The Hot Tub Store does not price in service costs into the sale price of hot tubs or swim spas. All warranty copay fees, service fees, labor, and parts pricing is subject to change. Fees may vary for brands not regularly sold and serviced by The Hot Tub Store.  $80 cancellation fee may be applied if less than 48 hours notice is provided for cancelation.

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