Marsha Monroe-Carter

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Sales Associate

Marsha says she is a movie fanatic. “I really love comedies and 80’s flicks although my favorite movie is from 1978 (the year I was born) Grease! when I was younger I was sure that I would grow up to be an actor; I was in all of the High school plays and even got the lead female role my first time auditioning when I was in college. My short lived movie career started and ended with an extra role in Election back in 1997. Someday I would like to actually have a role in a movie and attend the academy awards that is a dream of mine even if it is just as a seat filler.”

Time with family and taking mini vacations and day trips are important to Marsha. “We are into doing all the touristy things in cities and towns far and near. Some of our favorite places to visit while exploring a town on a day trip are fish hatcheries, dams and hiking trails.”

Marsha was born in Sioux City, IA. When she was 2 they moved to Colorado and didn’t stay long due to a haunted castle (true story!). The family then traveled with the carnival all way to Bentonville, AR where they stayed until she was 10. They then moved back to her mom’s hometown in South Sioux City, NE.

She attended college at Wayne State University in Wayne, NE before traveling the country and settling in Montana to run a restaurant and start a family. After selling the successful restaurant business that she had started, she moved closer to her extended family and worked with them in their family business.

Marsha and her husband Josh are now living in Roseville with her 2 girls from a previous marriage and Hallie, Josh’s daughter from a previous marriage lives with her Bio mom in Lowel, AR. “We call ourselves a blended family!”

Marsha was excited to find The Hot Tub Store and join the sales team in 2016. She has been in sales since she was 7 years old, “that is when I ran my first cash register at my parents flea market. As I got older I held many different retail management and sales positions for a wide variety of retailers. By far The Hot Tub Store is most honest and caring company I have come across in my career.” She continues, “It feels so good not to have to bend the truth or intentionally mislead people while selling to them. I always feel great when I am able to get someone into the right spa for them knowing that they will love it and not have buyer’s remorse once it is in there home. After being in sales for as long as I have it truly does feel amazing to work for such an ethical company. That is why I simply love my job!”