David Rosas

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Sales Associate

David’s favorite hobby outside of work is traveling Europe and meeting the people, practicing the languages, and living amongst the history. With that said, when he travels and is away from his HotSpring Prodigy, it is the thing he misses most about home. “Trust me when I say, I can feel the aches and pains without my Hot Spring Moto-Massage!”

David was born and raised in Loomis and earned his degree from UC Davis.

David has been a proud team member at The Hot Tub Store since 2014 and loves that The Hot Tub Store is a family company founded in 1973 and built on customer service. There is a collective belief from every member of the team that the business will grow only if we continuously provide the absolute best experience from beginning to end. “And that’s the reason why so many of our 20,000 hot tubs placed are returning customers and community referrals!”

Family is important to David. “Currently, I am lucky enough to say my family all lives close. My parents live in Loomis and my two older sisters and their families both live within the greater Sacramento area.” Although he loves the small town feel of Rocklin and Loomis, “my absolute favorite place I have lived is Bordeaux, France. The old stone villages surrounded by grape vines are tough to beat!” If he could live anywhere, David said, “I would be in Nice, France. I would spend my mornings soaking in a HotSpring spa and watching the sunrise along the Mediterranean.”

David has a HotSpring Prodigy. “It’s a perfect size for my girlfriend and I to soak, or entertain when we have company.” He continued, “It’s strange to think how badly I felt prior to owning a HotSpring spa and how easily I accepted pain as part of my life. Now, soaking has become my new normal and I feel incomplete when I don’t give my body hot water therapy.”

Now that we are officially settled-in at our Rocklin location, David is excited to continue reaching out to the community and getting more people soaking in a HotSpring spa. “Too many people are allowing their busy lives and increasing stress levels to dictate their overall physical and mental health. My job, with the support of our entire team, is to get people back on track!”

“Pain management, stress-reduction, and family unity are just a few reasons our customers tell me they love their HotSpring spa. It’s time for you to make the change, and it will happen once you realize, You Deserve It!”

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