Bridget Pearson-West

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Sales Associate

Bridget enjoys camping, hiking, bike riding and watching a good movie.

She went to Ponderosa High School and also took Computer Classes at American River College and Accounting at Heald College.

Bridget was born in Fair Oaks and is number 11 of 12 kids. Her Father is 89 years old and soaks in his hot tub every morning and does not take one prescription drug. Family is important and she is fortunate that most of her siblings live in Northern California.

She is a proud mother of two. Her son lives in Fair Oaks and her daughter sadly now resides in Heaven.

Bridget loved living in Shingle Springs. She currently lives in Folsom and dreams of living in Salmon, Idaho or somewhere deep in the mountains.

Bridget has been with The Hot Tub Store since 2014. She says, “I am a people person and I love my job!” Her current living arrangements don’t allow her to have a hot tub at this time, but she looks forward to having a Jetsetter with the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System someday soon. For now, she enjoys soaking with friends and at the showroom. “I love hot tubbing and the way it takes away all those aches and pains.”

Bridget always looks forward to a new year. “I look forward to helping as many people as possible get into the best hot water possible. By doing so I know that I will be helping others to sleep and feel better daily. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that what you do in your daily life truly helps others.”