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“For years at Auburn I trained my athletes in an Endless Pool — but the Elite we’re putting in at SwimMAC takes it to another level. It expands my ability to provide the best technical advice possible.”

David Marsh 12x NCAA Championship Coach 2016 Olympic Head Coach, Team USA

“This is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever bought as a swim coach…a tremendous tool in the arsenal of coaching.”

Gary Conelly Former Head Swimming Coach at University of Kentucky

“The Endless Pool can teach you efficiency, and it can teach you how you create speed. The Endless Pool has a way of heightening their awareness both through the mirrors and through the [swim current’s] flow. That enhanced learning environment – the Endless Pool, the varying speeds that you can work with – it just all relates back to the effectiveness of teaching stroke mechanics at this level.”

Tim Murphy Head Swimming and Diving Coach at Penn State University