TRI-X Filter 65 SQ. FT.


Tri-X filters come standard on all 2006+ Grandee, Vista, Envoy and Aria models
• Tri-X filters can be installed in ALL hot spring models (Even older models)
• Tri-X filters have a life expectancy of up to 5 years.
• Because filters can become clogged with body oils, they should be chemically cleaned every 3-4
months using “Brilliance Filter Cleaner.”
• You can put the tri-x filters in the dishwasher, but we do not suggest this as the only method of
cleaning them. If you choose to occasionally clean your filters this way, please make sure there is no
detergent in the water, no rinse agent present and that your dishwasher is not on the dry cycle.

How To Clean Your Tri-X Filter