ACE Chlorine Generator Cell


This is the replacement cell for the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System. This cell uses electrolysis to convert salt that is dissolved in the hot tub water into water cleaner and then into usable chlorine to sanitize the spa water. Once the chlorine is used up, it recombines into salt and can be used over and over until the spa is drained and the salt needs to be replaced. This cell is wired into the controls of your spa allowing it to test the salt levels in the water to show if more salt needs to be added. This part usually needs to be replaced every one to two years depending on use. This part can be installed by the homeowner, however most choose to have a service technician do the installation.

All sales are final on replacement parts. Parts purchases are not returnable after purchase.

For more info, refer to the ACE owner’s manual and quick reference guides found here: