I was thinking of having a spa built with the pool. Is there a reason I should not build a hot tub into the pool?

I was thinking of having a spa built with the pool. Is there a reason I should not build a hot tub into the pool? Visual List Item Image

Many people consider having a hot tub built with their pool. Your pool builder will definitely want to include a built in hot tub. We don’t want to hurt your pool builder’s business, but as hot tub experts we would advise against a built in hot tub. Let me tell you a few reasons you should really consider a portable hot tub instead. Both options will likely cost more than $10,000 to have installed, but the portable hot tub is going to cost you much less over time. Hot Spring spas are the highest quality portable spas made. They are fully insulated and designed to be kept at temperature ready to use whenever you want to use it. A built in pool hot tub usually does not have a cover and therefore must be heated on demand when you want to use it; this means knowing ahead of time when you will want to use your hot tub. Once you heat your pool hot tub, the heat then escapes back into the air and all the energy that was used to heat it has been wasted on one use. With a portable hot tub, the thick insulative cover holds the heat in so that it is ready to use whenever you want. Most built in pool hot tubs cost hundreds of dollars per month in energy costs to use a few times during the month. A high quality fully insulated portable hot tub will likely cost you about a dollar per day to keep hot all the time.

Energy cost savings are not the only reason you should consider a portable hot tub instead of a built in pool spa. Have you ever sat in a comfortable pool hot tub? Most built in spas have squared bench seats and straight up and down seat backs and there are a couple of jets that are usually not very strong. Our portable hot tub models have molded seats that fit the contours of the body and are comfortable to sit in and lounge and relax in. And the hydrotherapy massage jets in our high quality portable spas provide you with a different massage experience in each seat.

Before you move forward with building a square concrete hot tub next to your pool, I would encourage you to really look into what a portable hot tub will provide for you and your family. If the hot tub is always hot and ready to use for a fraction of the energy costs, you will use it much more often; and that is why you want a hot tub, right….. you want to use it!

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