Is a hot tub safe for kids?

Is a hot tub safe for kids? Visual List Item Image

Let’s start off by saying this, kids should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult when they are anywhere near water. Little babies can handle hot tub soaking with their parents when the temperature is kept at a lower temperature and the time that a baby is in the warm water should probably be kept to a minimum at first. As the kids get older however, the hot tub often becomes one of their favorite places to spend time with family. My five year old niece loves to splash around in the hot tub and has ever since she was about 2 years old. Be aware that the kids splashing about will definitely take away from the tranquil relaxation that a hot tub can be when the kids are not there. ? Kids love splashing and playing in the hot tub and as long as the water is not kept too hot and they are being supervised, the hot tub is certainly a safe place for them to have fun. Kids especially love the waterfall features and lights in the different hot tub models. Hot tubs are a great place to connect with the family away from the stresses of work and away from the addictive screens we all pay so much attention to these days. ?