Why is my hot tub foaming?

Why is my hot tub foaming? Visual List Item Image

This is a great question. Let me start by saying that you are not alone if you have foam in the hot tub. However, there are ways for you to reduce the occurrence of foaming in your hot tub. Firstly, anything that is on you is getting in the hot tub with you. This includes your freshly washed bathing suit. Most washing machines do not completely rinse all the detergent out of our clothes which is why they smell so good when they come out of the dryer… The hot tub on the other hand will do a great job of fully rinsing that remaining detergent out of your swim trunks and in doing so will cause lots of foam. We highly recommend sending any hot tub bathing suits through an extra rinse or two before going into the hot tub. Other common foam causing items that many people bring into the hot tub with them include body lotions, after shave, shampoo, conditioner (again often not fully rinsed which is why our hair smells good), other hair products, sunscreen, etc. All of these items make your filters work harder and cause your hot tub water to get foamy. We highly recommend that you and anyone using your hot tub rinse off prior to getting into your crystal clear beautiful hot tub water.