Why do I feel a dry burning feel when I use the hot tub at the gym?

Why do I feel a dry burning feel when I use the hot tub at the gym? Visual List Item Image

The hot tub at your gym is likely VERY different from that of a hot tub you will get for your backyard. The spa at the gym is used by hundreds of people daily and the department of health requires the gym to keep the chlorine or bromine levels in the spa very high so that it is sanitary for the high usage. This high level of strong chemicals keeps you safe from bacterias, but can also dry out your skin and cause a burning sensation. If you dunk your head under water at the gym, you will probably not want to open your eyes because that high level of chemicals also causes eye irritation.

When you have your own private hot tub in your backyard, you will be able to add very small amounts of sanitizer to keep your hot tub safe and crystal clear. The tiny amounts of water care products that you will use after using your hot tub will clean your water and have it clean, safe, and ready to use the next time you want to enjoy it. Because you are using small amounts of chemicals, you will not have these uncomfortable experiences that you often have in other spas.

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