Is it best to buy at a fair or home show?

Is it best to buy at a fair or home show? Visual List Item Image

Fairs and home shows can be great places to buy hot tubs because there can be super great deals at these events. The most important thing to make sure you learn before buying at an event is whether the spa you are buying is supported by a local hot tub store and service department.

There are many hot tub companies that come into town just for these special events and then they leave town after the event. If you choose to buy from one of these companies, you might get a great deal on a spa, but the reality might hurt when you learn that you paid a low price for an energy hog of a hot tub with no local service support.

Make sure you buy from a reputable local hot tub dealer who is selling a well known brand with a strong warranty. The Hot Tub Store sells Hot Spring spas at several home shows and fairs during the year. The special event prices are good at the event and at our local showrooms and we only sell at events in areas where we can offer excellent service if needed. Whether you purchase at a special sale event or at your local showroom, make sure you buy from a company that has been selling and servicing that brand of hot tubs for a long time in your area.