Guide to What’s Next

Guide to What’s Next

Congratulations on your purchase of a new hot tub! We will be calling you to schedule delivery of your hot tub, and to make an appointment for an in-store orientation and water test before the delivery. Here are some things you will need to know before, during, and after your hot tub is delivered:


  • Review your Pre-Delivery Instructions.
  • The week before delivery you will need to bring a sample of your tap water (from the hose you will use to fill) into the store for a water analysis.
  • Contact an electrician to run the necessary electrical that your hot tub requires.  Electrical preparation and installation are the customer’s responsibility. (reference Pre-Delivery Instructions).
  • Some models come with specialty sub panel or specialty receptacle.  Check with your salesperson.


  • Providing a path for delivery and placement is the customer’s responsibility.
  • Determine if your route is clear for delivery.  The route begins where the delivery truck parks and ends at your prepared site for the spa.  (reference Pre-Delivery Instructions)
  • Your tub is rolled-in upright on its side on a cart.
    • Vertical Clearance: Your spas shortest side (width or depth) + 6 inches extra (minimum)
    • Side-to-Side Clearance: Your spas height + 2 inches extra (minimum)
  • Route clearance items to watch for: fences, internal gates, steps, steep inclines, branches, meters, air conditioners, wall lights, roof eaves, sharp corners, etc.
  • Standard delivery does not include going up or down steps or steep inclines. If your route has steps or steep terrain, contact your salesperson so we can provide the necessary tools and crew for a safe delivery (cost of delivery subject to change depending on access, steps, and terrain)
  • If you determine the route is NOT clear, please email or text photos of the route to your salesperson with an explanation of the issue. 
  • If you have any question if your route is standard delivery, you should request a no charge pre-site delivery consultation.  This free consultation is restricted to areas within 30 miles of the showroom location.  Photos or video from the customer often work well for areas farther out.
  • On occasion, a crane is the only option to safely deliver a spa.  Crane fees are the customer’s responsibility.


  • Multi Payment Credit card or check payments must be made at least four weekdays prior to delivery.
  • PIF discount payments are due within 5 days of date of sale.
  • Financing, at least one applicant must be present at delivery to sign required documents.


  • We will do our best to arrive within your scheduled time slot, Monday – Friday.  However, we sometimes encounter unexpected delays.  We will do our best to keep you informed.
  • Your spa will be placed on your prepared site. The delivery team does not prepare or adjust your site.  Placement must be done on a surface that can safely support the filled hot tub. (reference Pre-Delivery Instructions)
  • Shimming/leveling is only available on certain hot tub models and must be approved by your salesperson prior to delivery.
  • If shimming or leveling is approved by The Hot Tub Store, shims must be provided by the customer and placed by the customer (delivery team and The Hot Tub Store do not provide or place shims)
  • If you have pets, please be sure they are safely out of the way.


  • Fill your spa with water, closely following the instructions in your owner’s manual. (You will receive an Owner’s Manual at delivery)
  • Always keep your hot tub covered when empty or not in use.
  • Have your electrician hardwire if 50 amp 230 volt or install 20amp receptacle for dedicated 20 amp 115 volt, required on certain models. Coordinate with your electrician when to fill hot tub and follow the instructions in Pre-Delivery Instructions and the Owner’s Manual.
  • For 15 amp 115 volt spas, plug in spa to dedicated outlet. (reference Pre-Delivery Instructions)
  • Add water care products following the instructions from your in-store orientation/water test.
  • Salt System: Find the laminated Start-Up Guide and follow the instructions.