Terms and Coditions

This serves as an agreement between myself and The Hot Tub Store to perform the selected Spa Care services on my hot tub monthly from the date this form has been filled out and submitted if a monthly plan was selected, or annually if an annual plan was selected. Chosen packages and/or service agreements will automatically renew unless I notify The Hot Tub Store that I wish to change or cancel my service option. I understand my package or service does not include any repair or maintenance of any hot tub parts, plumbing, controls, or other service that would normally be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or performed by a certified spa technician. Water care products are not provided. I agree to have water care products delivered to my home when my Spa Care service is performed, billed to the credit card on file at the current prices. Monthly Service Fees will be processed on the 25th of the month prior to service being performed. Monthly rates for each service above are prorated for equal monthly billing. Should I choose to cancel this agreement, I understand that any refund which might be due will be reduced if any drain and fill services have been performed prior to cancellation that were part of the monthly prorated amount. Discounts on supplies, parts, and repair services are as follows: 5% off when selecting an annual Basic Care plan, 10% off when selecting an annual Advanced Care plan, 15% off when selecting an annual Premium Care plan. Warranty call-out fees are waived only for hot tubs currently under warranty. All non salt hot tub packages include three Drain and Fill services for the year. Drain and Fill service includes the following: complete water drain, cover cleaned and conditioned, complete fill, start-up water balancing, filters cleaned, any needed product added.


Once you submit your order, an The Hot Tub Store Care Member will be in contact as soon as possible to schedule your next few maintenance appointments. Thank you for trusting The Hot Tub Store for your hot tub needs!

*Service not available in all areas. For more information give us a call today 800-801-7727