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Salt Water Hot Tubs

Salt Water Hot Tubs


Get the #1 selling brand in the world with the ACE® Salt Water
system, Hot Spring Spas!

Why ACE Salt Water System?

  • The absolute best water care system
  • The most natural water care system
  • Go from the pillow of your hot tub to the pillow of your bed
  • Never experience horrible chemical smells
  • Doesn’t dry out your skin like some water care systems can
  • The water is silky smooth and soft
  • You use much less bottled water care products than any other hot tub water care sanitizing system
  • The system uses a little bit of salt and some cool technology and automatically cleans the water and naturally creates the chlorine residual needed to have clean, safe hot tub water
  • The salinity is very low, much lower than a salt water pool and not even comparable with the ocean. This low salt content means that the water feels soft, but the system does not corrode any of the equipment or hot tub components.
  • The salt water sanitizing system is the MOST NATURAL water care system available for hot tubs
  • It is recommended to change the water in a hot tub every 3-4 months or as needed in standard hot tub systems. With the ACE Salt Water system, the same water can last up to a year. This is a huge water savings.
  • It is not a set it and forget it system, but if you follow the simple instructions and do the minimal amount of required maintenance, this system is one of the easiest water care systems available for hot tubs.
  • Most resort hotels worldwide now have salt water pools. The water quality is second to none. You deserve a similar system for your hot tub!
  • Hot Spring spas are the only spa that has a salt water system that is built into the controls of the hot tub for ease of use
  • Not like the ocean, it feels soft and smooth, won’t harm you or your hot tub, and is easy to maintain!


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Salt Water Hot Tub Customer Review

It’s almost like soaking in a bath of moisturizer. My wife loves our salt water hot tub because it doesn’t dry out her skin.

Happy Salt Water Hot Tub Customer - Santa Rosa, CA

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