SpaGuard Phosphate Remover


Keep your phosphate levels low so your sanitizer can keep your spa clean and safe to use

  • Immediately reduces high levels of phosphate
  • Also used as a weekly treatment to keep phosphate levels within range
  • Ideal for use with salt spa systems

Why do you need this product?

Why are phosphates bad? Many spa owners experience negative effects caused by phosphates. Phosphates are unfortunately in most city water and are constantly added to our spa water from many sources. Phosphates are algae food that are needed to complete the photosynthesis process and promote algae blooms, once algae starts to bloom the available chlorine in your spa is consumed at an alarming rate as it tries to fight the algae. With no available chlorine to sanitize your spa, it becomes helpless and starts to turn green and cloudy. Algae loves to thrive in warm dark waters.

Some sources of phosphates in your spa water can include:

  • The wind blows dirt into your spa
  • Sprinkler run off from your lawn or landscaping enters your spa
  • Your water source contains phosphates adding water into your spa
  • Leaves, twigs, or bark enters your water
  • Rain water enters your spa
  • Laundry detergent bleeds from clothes worn into the spa
  • bird droppings, bather waste and sweat.
  • Pets in your water

It is important to test your spa water for phosphates and to keep your phosphate level low so that your sanitizer can keep your spa water clean and safe for use. If your spa has high phosphate levels, all of your chlorine sanitizer will be busy only trying to eat the phosphates and will not be able to do it’s job of keeping your spa water clean and safe.

Other benefits of this product:

The SpaGuard Phosphate Remover improves the water’s appearance, extends filter performance, and protects spa surfaces. Water enhancers not only get rid of cloudy water and make it brilliantly clear but also help your filter work more efficiently.

  • Helps protect equipment from calcium phosphate scale