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How Your Hot Tub Can Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle

Ever since I installed a hot tub on my back patio almost seven years ago,  I haven’t slept in. Because my hot tub has become a part of my regular morning routine, I look forward to getting out of bed, even when the air is chilly and the warm covers seem to cling to me. … Read More

16 Ways an Energy Efficient Hot Tub Makes Every Day Better

Motorcycle, jet ski and jet boat lover, Lou thrived on the twin thrills of speed and danger. One day a catastrophic motorcycle accident broke his femur into 47 pieces and nearly tore his foot off. Today, 37 years later, he still experiences pain after working at his job or on his home, but manages to stay active and upbeat with daily hot tub soaks. … Read More

34 reasons to own a Hot Springs® Spa

Comfort, relief and fun are emotional reasons for craving your own personal hot tub. Alone, they might not convince an analytical thinker who wants details about energy usage and expense, the amount of work involved and overall affordability. We’ve got both the emotional and rational reasons to own a Hot Spring® spa covered here to help you … Read More

7 ways an affordable Hot Tub helps you do more of what you love

Have you thought about making positive changes to improve your quality of life? Any season is a great time to reset and a time to start over, to make life better. Whether you want to spend more time with friends and family, de-stress and unwind, get into shape, or enjoy the outdoors, owning the world’s … Read More

Should I buy a Hot Tub or take a family vacation?

The 2017 World Happiness Report is out and it delivered some surprises: Norway took the number one world’s happiest country spot, displacing Denmark, the winner for the last three years in a row The third happiest country is Iceland (they must have a lot of hot tubs; it’s cold there!) Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Sweden take spots seven through 10 The United States dropped from 13th to 14th What Makes Us … Read More

Five Lifestyle Tips To Keep The Winter Blues Away

Now that we have set the clocks back an hour, it can feel like we are immersed in darkness. This is the time of year when many people are prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and may exhibit signs of depression. If you are feeling less energetic, more irritable, are craving carbohydrates, sleeping more, and … Read More

Choosing the Best Hydrotherapy Hot Tub for Your Home

Not all hot tubs are created equal. Some are in-ground and designed simply and rigidly to accommodate a lot of use, such as those you might find at resorts or hotels. Some are outfitted with fancy lights and an abundance of jets to catch your eye. Others are designed from the ground up with genuine … Read More

How to use aromatherapy in your Hot Tub to create an at-home day spa

Unwinding in your hot tub is an experience for your senses. You see and hear the softly bubbling water, which encourages you to lean back and relax in its restorative embrace; you feel the massaging action of the jets against your skin as your muscles gradually let go of their accumulated tension. There’s one more sense you … Read More

Should I Use My Hot Tub Before or After My Workout?

As you regularly exercise to improve your health and strength, your body is in a constant state of regeneration. Workouts stress your muscles and joints, as well as your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. But there are ways to support and ease that stress so you can relax and avoid getting discouraged by soreness or exhaustion. … Read More

Are Hot Tubs a good investment?

Let’s say you’ve found yourself with a little extra money—maybe your company gave you a year-end bonus, or maybe your stock portfolio performed above expectations—and you’re looking for the best and most satisfying way to spend or invest it. You could take the entire family on a vacation, or you could buy an RV and travel … Read More