Maintenance & Water Care

How to Repair Hot Tub Scratches and Cracks

Finding a scratch or crack on your hot tub is a lot like finding a scratch on your new car—it’s disheartening. Even a little damage can be a big disappointment. Fortunately, fixing minor cosmetic damage to the acrylic shell usually isn’t difficult; it might take an hour or two and should require only a few inexpensive and … Read More

7 Ways Technology Has Simplified Hot Tub Maintenance

Spa owners find hot tub maintenance easier than ever. It’s so easy to maintain a hot tub today. You no longer have to worry about restaining wood siding, and you might be surprised at how few chemicals you’ll use. Consider these facts: A hot tub manufactured in 2017 uses just 10 to 20 percent of the chlorine a similar model did in 1997 Today’s hot tub cabinets are made from low-maintenance, weather-resistant vinyl rather than wood … Read More

How Do Hot Tub Filters Work?

Silent but powerful features, your hot tub filters help ensure your hot tub’s overall performance and long life. They work in the background, trapping particles as water runs through the filter media and acting as the most important line of defense against dirty spa water. HOW HOT TUB FILTERS WORK Every hot tub has some … Read More

When Should I Replace My Spa Cover?

Your spa cover is more than an attractive accessory. It also has the very important job of holding in heat when your spa is not in use, helping to reduce energy consumption and keep energy costs low. The cover also prevents excess evaporation, helping you conserve water, and it prevents debris and objects that could clog your hot tub filters from falling … Read More

How to use aromatherapy in your Hot Tub to create an at-home day spa

Unwinding in your hot tub is an experience for your senses. You see and hear the softly bubbling water, which encourages you to lean back and relax in its restorative embrace; you feel the massaging action of the jets against your skin as your muscles gradually let go of their accumulated tension. There’s one more sense you … Read More

What are the benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs?

For centuries, people have traveled to mineral springs to bathe in the waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs, which draw their heat from beneath the earth’s crust, are inherently self-sustaining. In this way, they’re much like modern salt water hot tubs, which are designed to generate their own natural cleansing and soothing properties. Owning … Read More

How do I maximize the life of my ACE cell?

How do I maximize the life of my ACE cell?

How do I maximize the life of my ACE cell? ACE cells have to be replaced periodically over the lifespan of your hot tub. We recommend pairing the ACE cell with the AG+ Silver Ion cartridge. By using the AG+ cartridge in conjunction with your ACE cell, the cell output level can be lowered. The … Read More

How Much Maintenance Will My Hot Tub Require?

How Much Maintenance Will My Hot Tub Require?

One of the main reasons people choose not to buy a hot tub is because they are concerned about maintenance. Well, we have good news for you – hot tubs have come a long way when it comes to advancements in hot tub maintenance and water care! Read on to learn more about how easy … Read More

What’s The Best Hot Tub Water Care System?

What’s The Best Hot Tub Water Care System?

When shopping for a hot tub, you will find that many hot tub manufacturers offer a variety of water care options so that you can choose the system that fits your routine and budget. If you don’t know much about hot tub water care, this aspect of hot tub ownership can start to feel overwhelming. … Read More