Virtual Showroom Tours

We Have Virtual Showroom Tours Available!  – Check out our Virtual Showroom We continue to be open for you to visit our showrooms. We are limiting the number of people allowed in and requiring face masks and physical distancing to keep everyone healthy and safe. Our team of Wellness Consultants is also available for virtual … Read More

Spas are Taking Longer

Spas are Taking a Little Longer!  – Don’t delay, Reserve yours Today! Spas are still taking a much longer time to get from our factories and there continue to be more delays caused by physical distancing restrictions and COVID related difficulties as well as high demand for hot tubs that has put extra pressure on … Read More

Ordering Truckload Spas

Hot Tubs are Essential NOW more than ever! Truckload Spas! We have just ordered 20 truckloads of spas. These orders will be taking longer than used to be normal, but will allow our valued customers to reserve from orders already placed and therefore be able to get spas delivered faster than if they ordered them … Read More

Valued Customers

Thanking Our Valued Customers​! Thank you – We want to thank all of our valued customers for trusting The Hot Tub Store with the purchase of a high quality spa. We apologize for the inconvenience and the delay that the pandemic has created and we thank you for understanding and for being patient during these … Read More

Good News

Sharing Some Updates With Our Customers! – We have some good news! Our goal is to have good honest communication with all of our valued customers.  The manufacturer has just told us that they are hoping to open for ordering of spas built in the Mexico facility by July 1st.  They have shared with us … Read More

Increased Demand in Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are Essential NOW more than ever! -Increased Demand in Hot Tubs As you may or may not have heard, demand for hot tubs has been higher than ever. The recent pandemic and stay at home orders have brought people to realize they want their homes to be more comfortable and more enjoyable. So, … Read More

Physical Distancing

Our Brands New Physical Distancing Restrictions – New Physical Distancing Restrictions  The brands we sell have been fortunate to be partially open and building spas, but under new restrictions for physical distancing with a majorly reduced staff. Production is much slower than it has been in the past, but quality is still the most important … Read More

One at a time

Our Showrooms Are Still Open! – One at a time Showroom Tours Available  Our showrooms continue to be open for one customer at a time. We ask that you please wear a mask inside and keep your distance to keep everyone healthy and safe. Please knock for entry. The door is likely locked. Please allow … Read More

Thank you for your patience

It Has Been Overwhelming but We Are Still Here! – Thank you for your patience We have been overwhelmed with interest for hot tubs and swim spas and have in turn overwhelmed the manufacturers with more orders than they expected. While we have all been sheltered in place, it has become apparent that making our … Read More

Times are tough

Hot Tubs are Essential NOW more than ever Times are tough – Didn’t want to spend the money, but realized “i NEED my hot tub now” more than ever. Times are tight for families all across the world right now, and many are cutting back discretionary expenses to prepare for economic uncertainty.  After about 2 … Read More