Hot Tubs For Fitness and Improved Health?

Forget about the 1980’s stereotype of the hot tub, which was often pictured with young adults looking to get silly with friends. Today’s hot tub is more refined, offering so much more. With fitness and improved health, folks of all ages are taking advantage of in-home hot tubs for enhancing quality of life. In fact, the number one reason for investing is relaxation and stress relief. Here’s what you can expect to gain from using a hot tub on a regular basis.

More Effective Stress Management, Lower Blood Pressure – Whether its work, family or something else entirely, stress and anxiety drag us down physically and can even lead to more damaging health conditions. Effective stress management is the key to feeling and looking great, yet it’s often a challenge to find activities we enjoy. Soaking in a hot tub is certainly relaxing, but now there is evidence to support the idea that it is also a great way to lower blood pressure. With massaging jets targeting tension in and around the neck, lower back and shoulders, fifteen minutes can revitalize anyone. But heat from the tub dilates the capillaries, which lowers blood pressure.

Easier Weight Maintenance – As we age, most of us find it increasingly more difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. Sure, we diet and maybe even exercise regularly, but the pounds still seem to creep on. There is some good news, because sitting in a hot tub causes the body to respond in much the same way as if you were participating in light cardiovascular exercise. Heart rate increases, blood vessels dilate and the body burns calories trying to cool off. The result? A great heart workout, renewed energy and maybe even a little weight loss.

More Vitality, Fewer Aches and Pains – The number one way to relieve aches and pains is heat. Now add to that the targeted massage of high-powered jets in the hot tub and you have instant relief and relaxed muscles. Whether it’s discomfort from sore muscles or joints, an old sports injury or chronic back pain, using a hot tub for only twenty minutes, three times a week can significantly reduce discomfort, leaving you refreshed and pain-free. The convenience of having access to your very own hot tub means you can enjoy the hydrotherapeutic benefits any time, day or night, from the comforts of home. And you never have to make an appointment or travel for on-demand pain relief. The modern hot tub is a healthy lifestyle choice and an ideal way to see improved health for enhanced quality of life. With warm water, massaging jets and the convenience of home, reducing stress, maintaining weight and finding relief from aches and pains has never been easier.

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