COVID-19 Stories from the field - The Hot Tub Store

Hot Tubs are Essential NOW more than ever!

Here are a few stories we’ve collected from the field…


Nursing your spa back to health

After attempting to briefly troubleshoot an issue with the display on their spa with what little time they had to spare, an employee of a local hospital was unable to get to the bottom of the issue, prompting them to reach out to The Hot Tub Store for help.  Knowing how important getting things resolved in a timely fashion is, one of our showroom associates reached out to the service department on their behalf to save them time. We quickly responded, getting them onto schedule for service at the next available time eased their concerns so they could spend more time focusing on the important tasks at hand. 

Relaxation needed STAT!

Friday afternoons are usually best spent winding down the week, getting ready to spend some time at home and relaxing.  This is exactly what one of our customers, a director for a major health care provider, was planning on doing after a long week.  However, their spa would not stay on, leaving their most important relaxation environment in their home to be of little use. Calling the scheduling department at 1 PM on a Friday afternoon doesn’t always guarantee results, but we rushed a technician out to their home, and by 3:30 pm, their spa was powered back up and heating.  The look of relief on our customer’s face when he was delivered the good news was immensely rewarding, especially since he was on a conference call with other hospital administration strategizing the plans for handling the current pandemic during the entire visit.