COVID-19 Letter from the President of The Hot Tub Store - The Hot Tub Store
To All our Valued Hot Tubbers,
We’re paying attention.  Amid heightened focus on coronavirus (COVID-19) in California, we are sharing an update with you regarding the precautionary steps The Hot Tub Store is taking for the health and well-being of our valued customers and team members.
We’re doing extra cleaning.  When you visit The Hot Tub Store, the only thing you should leave with is a sense of inspiration (and the hot tub advice and supplies you need to continue enjoying your hot tub). We are taking additional health and safety precautions to maintain the cleanliness of our shared spaces.
Our staff has already begun increased sanitizing in all high-traffic areas, including surfaces, door handles, and merchandise.
We are open at this time.  The Hot Tub Store remains open to our valued customers and there are currently no plans to interrupt regular operating hours. We are following public health recommendations from the cities and counties and are monitoring the situation closely. Here are two other recommended sources that you and your family can consult to stay informed and up-to-date: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.
How to contact us with questions.  As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have about your hot tub, the wellness benefits of hot tubbing, and how your family can best enjoy your hot tub. Please contact us at or (800) 801-SPAS if you have questions.
Shopping for a hot tub:  We understand that the news may impact each of our customers differently. Whether you choose to peruse our online resources and blog posts from home at or visit our showroom, we are looking forward, with optimism, to talking to you about the wellness of hot tubbing. We are all in this together. We will continue to make informed decisions (led by best practices and factual updates from trusted sources) to ensure that The Hot Tub Store continues to connect each of our valued customers with the products and information they need to continue to enjoy their hot tubs.
Stay well,
Sky Matula
The Hot Tub Store