What will I need to have as far as electrical for a hot tub to work? How much will this cost?

Depending on the hot tub model that you choose will depend on what kind of electrical power you will need. All Hot Spring spa models are designed and engineered to be extremely energy efficient while also providing sufficient power for an excellent massage experience. Most of the smaller models that seat up to four people are 110 volt spas. Some of the 110 volt spas are what are called ‘Plug N Play’, meaning that they are designed to be plugged into a standard 15 amp receptacle. The 15 amp receptacle should be dedicated to the hot tub only and not shared with other appliances.

Others of our 110 volt models are designed to be plugged into a dedicated 20 amp receptacle. The models from The Hot Tub Store that require this 20 amp receptacle come with the specialty receptacle with all-weather cover for your electrician to install. In order for the hot tub to have sufficient power and still be energy efficient, most of the larger models require 220 volts with a 50 amp subpanel installed by a licensed electrician. All the 220 volt models from The Hot Tub Store come with the specialty 50 amp sub panel with GFCI breakers that works for that model. Depending on the model that you choose will depend on the specialty subpanel that your electrician will need, so it is best to choose your model before you have an electrician do any of the electrical prep work.

All of the models that we sell have pre-delivery instructions with electrical schematics for your electrician to follow when doing the work needed to provide sufficient power for your new spa. So how much is this gonna cost, you ask…. well, this really depends on several factors. Each backyard project is different. The distances of wires and how the wires will get to the vicinity of your hot tub are different for every home. Some people have their main electrical panel within a short distance of where the hot tub will be placed while others have their main electrical panel hundreds of feet away with difficult runs up through garages and attics and then down and into trenches and out to where the hot tub will be. It is really best to choose the right hot tub for you and get the specifications required for that model and then have a licensed electrician come and see what your situation will require and get you a cost estimate.

We have customers who have paid a few hundred dollars and others who have needed thousands of dollars of work to get the proper electrical installation ready for their hot tub. Every house project is different. When you visit our helpful sales staff, they will happily help to explain what each model needs and can recommend great electricians to help you with your project.

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