My friend’s hot tub cover is sooo heavy. How can I uncover the hot tub more easily?

Hot tub covers are large and awkward to move, especially with one person. Over time, hot tub covers become water logged from rain and from steam. It is a good idea to clean your cover and treat it with 303 formula to help protect it from ultraviolet light and from rain; this will help to extend the life of your hot tub cover. We highly recommend the use of a cover lifter device to make it easier to open and close your hot tub. With the use of a cover lifter, you will use your hot tub more often because it is not difficult to open and close. There are several different cover lifters available. We use specialty cover lifters that do not damage the cover and make covering and uncovering the hot tub a breeze. Our different lifters require different amounts of space, so it is a good idea to plan your space with the requirements of the cover lifter that you choose. Some people say, “I don’t need a lifter!” We know that you don’t need a lifter, but your hot tub experience will be much easier and more enjoyable if you do have a lifter. You are getting a hot tub to relax in, you don’t want to do heavy lifting to get in and then heave this heavy monster of a cover back on when you are finished soaking. Definitely get the best lifter available, you won’t be sorry.

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