How Big Should My Hot Tub Be?

If you are shopping for a hot tub, one of the questions you are likely asking yourself is how much hot tub do I really need?

Do you have a big family or a big outdoor space? Even if the answer is yes, that may not mean you need a super-sized hot tub with seats for everyone. The important question to ask is, how do you plan to use your new spa?

Are you buying a hot tub for therapy? Do you have aches and pains or trouble sleeping, and is the hot tub is intended to be a tool for you to use in private? If that is the case, then you may not need a spa that seats more than two.

Are you buying the hot tub to create a space for you and your spouse to reconnect and find some quiet time alone and away from the rest of the family? Then this might be another great reason to choose a model designed to seat only a few people.

Or perhaps you are buying the hot tub for the whole family to use. Do you have teenagers, and are you secretly hoping that by having the hot tub in the backyard, they will bring their friends back to your place more often, so you can relax knowing they are home and safe? If so, this might be a great reason to get a spa that seats 6, 7 or even 8 people. You may want to also consider adding on a Bluetooth® music system or choosing a spa with exciting water features and lighting.

Maybe you are buying a hot tub for all of the above reasons. Talk to your local hot tub dealer, and they can help you find a hot tub that is the size, shape and price that is just right for you.

The important thing to keep in mind is it is not necessarily how much space you have, or how many people live in your home. The more hot tub you buy, the more hot tub you pay for and ultimately have to maintain. So focus on how you expect to use the hot tub, and what you want most out of your hot tub experience. Let that information be your guide.

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